Oct 21 15:10 PM

What is AngularJS 1?

learn about angularjs 1 javascript framework by google and learn how to code with angularjs 1

Oct 18 01:10 AM

How to replicate or sync local folders

how to sync or replicate two local folders using lsyncd linux daemon and how to ignore specific files when sync happens

Oct 18 01:10 AM

How to install webmin on ubuntu 16.04

webmin is a web-based interface to manage linux administration for linux based operating system

Oct 18 01:10 AM

Install and Configure Redis on Ubuntu

Redis is an in-memory key-value store known for its flexibility, performance, and wide language support.

Oct 18 01:10 AM

Top Linux Development Tools

top useful linux web development tools to speed up programming skils

Oct 18 01:10 AM

How to secure Linux Server

How to secure newly created linux box by disabling root user to ssh and create alternate user to login

Oct 18 01:10 AM

PHP Singleton Design Pattern

Learn about php singleton design pattern understand what is singleton design pattern and what are the best scenarios to use it

Oct 18 00:10 AM

What is Web Development?

Learn about how to code and what is web development in order to become a web developer or designer

Oct 18 00:10 AM

Install Node, NPM with Version on mac

Step by step tutorial about how to install custom npm, node packages for mac

Oct 15 20:10 PM

SQL Joins

learn about different kinds of sql joins used in mysql to perform different operations on database tables.

Oct 15 20:10 PM

How to create Sitemap with PHP

How to create website sitemap using php and dom document?

Oct 15 20:10 PM

PHP Variables and data types

PHP supports different datatypes like strings, integers, floats, booleans, arrays, objects, nulls and resources.