Linux Articles

Oct 18 01:10 AM

How to replicate or sync local folders

how to sync or replicate two local folders using lsyncd linux daemon and how to ignore specific files when sync happens

Oct 18 01:10 AM

How to install webmin on ubuntu 16.04

webmin is a web-based interface to manage linux administration for linux based operating system

Oct 18 01:10 AM

Install and Configure Redis on Ubuntu

Redis is an in-memory key-value store known for its flexibility, performance, and wide language support.

Oct 18 01:10 AM

Top Linux Development Tools

top useful linux web development tools to speed up programming skils

Oct 18 01:10 AM

How to secure Linux Server

How to secure newly created linux box by disabling root user to ssh and create alternate user to login

Oct 15 20:10 PM

How to install LAMP stack on Ubuntu

What is LAMP stack? How to install LAMP stack? Install linux, apache, mysql and php

Sep 28 19:09 PM

Useful Linux Commands

Top linux commands that comes handy for linux administrator. This commands can be very powerful.

Sep 23 21:09 PM

How to replicate or sync webservers

how to replicate or sync two apache webservers using rsync based linux daemon called lsyncd

Sep 16 20:09 PM

How to install Ionic 2 Framework

Ionic 2 is a css based framework that uses angular2 as a base to create native mobile apps.

Sep 16 19:09 PM

How To Set Up Apache Virtual Hosts

What is apache webserver? How to install virtual host for apache web server?

Sep 16 19:09 PM

How to backup a web server

how to backup website codebase using rsyncd daemon for production site

Sep 16 19:09 PM

How to uninstall Redis server from Ubuntu

How to remove redis server from linux and related files from ubuntu or linux based operating system